gang dangers

Many of the evils that are committed by children against other children were practically unheard of twenty-five years ago. But they are all too common now.

Do you toss and turn in your sleep all night with the fear that your well-behaved child might be bullied by neighborhood gangs? Even worse, do you believe that he or she could be inclined to join a gang for friendship and/or acceptance?

This is the reason why we must arm our kids with the tools they need to stay safe in their environment.

Playing Street Smart Kids ™ can  arm your kids to recognize the symptoms of gang behavior and avoid being victimized by it or becoming the victimizer.

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To empower our young kids ages 6-12 to instinctively recognize the signs and dangers of an abduction attempt, drug temptations, gangs and guns, and to safely avoid becoming victims of each


Pricing : $1.99 for either the App or the PC version