avoiding drugs and gun dangers

Are you, as a parent, constantly troubled by the thought that your teen, preteen or 6-12 year old child could be peer pressured into experimenting with drugs or alcohol? It’s time to teach our kids about what drugs really do and how they can take over their lives.

It’s time to infuse rejecting drugs as an automatic response in our kids. Playing our PC based/App based Street Smart kids ™ game with your kids can do that.

What about the gun problems? Every year, in the U.S., kids are badly injured or even killed at the hands of other kids by firearms. While many of the killings are deliberate, many are also accidental.

It’s time to teach our kids not to examine nor play with their parents’ guns.
And it’s also time to teach them that firearms must not be used to settle their differences with others.

Playing Street Smart Kids ™ with your kids does that. It infuses rejecting drugs, staying away from the gun culture, and how to avoid victimizing or becoming the victim as an automatic response to conflict resolution. Playing Street Smart Kids ™ saves lives as it educates your child about the dangers of guns and drugs.

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To empower our young kids ages 6-12 to instinctively recognize the signs and dangers of an abduction attempt, drug temptations, gangs and guns, and to safely avoid becoming victims of each


Pricing : $1.99 for either the App or the PC version